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Does anybody have this problem with the socks ?Well fitted knee highs stopping circulation


My mothers knee high socks fit her but over the day turn into a tourniquet and push everything up above her knee. Her legs are little cold pillars and she gets big knee bangs above the top. So they stop the circulation not help it.

As she's 99 and can't pull them up over the day, we've decided to stop them and just use her compression machine daily ( lymphapants ) hoping this will control and improve as the stockings have been doing more harm than good.

So questions

Does anybody have this problem with the socks ?

Also thought I'd get her some real wool socks to help the circulation. Does anybody have these ? We need wide calf - as much wool as possible

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Due to her amazing age and the fact that she has poor circulation in her legs, why not use the stockings as a form of therapy? Does she have carers attending her? She could wear the stockings in the morning, but have them removed either during the morning or lunchtime. If they are causing a tourniquet as the day progresses, they have stopped working. Can she elevate the legs during the afternoon? Keep the legs warm with a wool throw?

Is she mobile? Can she potter about to help the circulation for 5 - 10 minutes?

If I get to 99, I intend to employ people to wrap me in swansdown and peel me grapes to eat!!!!

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How lovely!

Thank you. I had been thinking of occasional use until they dig in. That's a really good idea

I'll try.

No she has no carers - just me to make sure she's good and does all we need to do to keep her well. and beauty treatments for morale.

Wow! Really impressed with your mother making it to age 99 and that she has such a devoted supportive daughter in you! :-)


Thank you to both replies.

To let people know - we have taken

up your idea Lynora. It has worked.

Leaving off the stockings has given her,

her circulation back. No more feet like ice, and freezing hands. Putting them on

for a few hours each day keeps them in

proportion. But we do then need to use

the Lympha pants as often as possible.

It's wonderful but I know not everyone

has access to these.

Yes. I have compression toeless socks and they cut off my circulation at several points. 1) The toes I end up with pins and needles in my toes and a deep line. 2) 2 extra a ligature points forming red lines above my ankle and again on lower calf, that are pink and can be sore. Ironically after two to three hours of wearing them, I then find myself struggling to get them on or off. But according to the specialist at my hospice, I need to persevere with them. As the material they are made with are not causing any allergic reactions on my skin so must be suitable for me. In an ideal world I jsut wish I could lose weight and keep it off and then maybe my Lymphodemai would go away as my doctor originally suggested.

Anyone who is having to wear these awful things I wish them all the best.

With reference to changing shape and improving this my foot looks like a stick after wearing them but the ligiture elsewhere make me look deformed.

Unknown to my specialist nurse but on the days when I have official professional business to tend to, meeting professional students and fellow academics I wear thick tights and flat smart shoes and no compression at all as to wear it would be unbearable for that length of time.

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Do you know what make your garments are? There should be a label at the top.


That is just awful. As Lynora pointed out

they are actually stopping the circulation.

My mothers physio alerted us to it.

She looked at her legs with big overhangs

on the knees and deep marks from the

stockings and she said 'it's not right.. it's

just not right"

So we're using Lympha pants daily, the

stockings for therapy - just a few hours

if at all.

Knee bangs are shrinking, no more


No more pain

Hands warm

Feet warm

Legs a human shape again

No increase in size.

I hope this helps.

Mediven Mondi. Level 2 compression I think. CCL2. Very tight and no space for real movement.

Yes compression socks, or any socks that are not wide enough at the top of the leg cut into my legs make the swelling worse and can cut the skin. So now I only buy mens wollen socks which stretch it is very hard to find a pair that fit.

Thank you

Please tell me have you found any that are satisfactory ? Esp wool

We've used Cosyfeet but they cost £16.00p for Xtra Roomy with 71% cotton

They say they stretch to 80 cms each leg !!! anyway they are great fitting but not wool and the price seems really over the top. What do you think ?

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