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Since I just had my surgery on my leg all new custom stockings were ordered. Since the first 12 weeks should continue with substantial reduction. Stockings will get to big quickly. As we all know stocking are expensive but my therapist has told me how to tighten them until next pairs are ordered in 10 weeks. Apparently, if your custom stocking are getting big to quickly you can sew darts on the outer part of your stocking where the looseness is occurring. Never on the seem and never on inside of leg. One women sewed hers 5 different places to reduce the size and make them last. I thought they would rip but they don't. So I thoughtI would pass this on for those of you experiencing looseness with custom garments. Hope this makes sense.

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  • What sort of machine are you using? A straight stitch may not work, and could tear at stress points. Were you told to use an overlocker?

  • Regular sewing machine. Brothers I believe. Will probably do zigzag then straight.

  • thank you for information but did you wear stocking continuously immediately postoperative?for how long?


  • Hello and welcome. Immediately following surgery I was wrapped tightly until my compression garments arrived. The garments are worn every day except during shower and massage.

  • Immediately and continuously wear the stockings. It is imperative.

  • Update. Today I am 10 weeks post o.o from sapl surgery on my leg. I am writing this as I sit in doctors office waiting to see therapist. Today she will treasure me for new sets of stockings which I need as I can't rant them in anymore.

    My leg still has some residual soreness and numbness but every day it feels more and more like my leg. I love the small size and shape.

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