Sorry I didn't get to finish the last post it's two in The morning and I am going of my head with the pain in my left leg and itching on the right I really could cry with it left leg has been in pain since yesterday appointment with lymphodema nurse is not till next Friday the pain is making me feel sick it's like a balloon and I have done nothing that would cause this pain sorry for the scar that you can see should be on the sole of my foot it will soon be up my leg.Sorry for the rant xx

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  • Liz - pain and redness could indicate infection. If a GP will not see you today - go direct to A&E - don't muck about.

  • Feel better soon x

  • Agree with Lynora. You need to get it checked out today for infection. Better to be safe than sorry. Hope things improve xx

  • Frig love you that does look painful, have you had your appointment yet?

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