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Sock it to lymphoedema

Sock it to lymphoedema

Lymphoedema awareness week starts on the 5th March - why not wear odd socks or gloves for a day to raise awareness of those people who have no choice but to wear compression garments due to lymphoedema. tweet your odd socks pictures #lymphaware and make a donation to support the work of the LSN by texting LSNS17 £10.00 or £5.00 to 70070 or by visiting our campaign page


Get the message out there!

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This is an interesting suggestion!

For several years now I have made my own socks, initially to keep the feet of my open-toed garments in place, as I found that they ride up as I put my shoes on and spoil the toe section of any shoes if my toes are left bare and sweaty. I tried using commercial socks, but had to cut down the leg part of any right-foot sock to make room for my foot, stocking and Farrar Wrap, which of course ruined the sock and began to prove expensive!

Now, when I make the socks, in various bright colours, I feel that I'm laughing Lymphoedema in the face, and as I'm also diabetic, I appreciate the warmth and cosiness they give to my feet!

As a "foot"note, perhaps I should say that in my first few years of prescribed stockings, I had closed toes, but I believe they made my own toes bend round, causing much discomfort, and since I've had the open toe variety, they are much more comfortable. In addition, I don't have to remove the whole garment when I see the podiatrist for my chiropody!


I have shared on FB and Twitter, also donated and will be wearing odd socks from Sunday


Thanks Loves radio thats great - don't forget to tweet a picture or post it on here!


I would love to be able to wear socks as my feet get extremely cold but unfortunately I am not able to bend forwards to get socks on and I have great difficulty in getting socks wide enough to fit my extra wide feet even cosytoes or cosyfeet do not have them to fit me so now I am looking at mens socks but they still are not wide enough.

Years ago when I could get wide sock my legs would swell and the socks would cut into my skin then a got cellulitus very bad.


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