A brain illness?

My dad has been suffering with some 'episodes', which take place as follows: gets a funny smell under his nose and a bile-like taste in his mouth ~ starts to chomp his mouth ~ feels sick ~ legs go weak and shaky ~ shouts out "Oh no" or "Mum" or "Not again" ~ sometimes gets a chest pain ~ sometimes falls over if standing while it happens ~ sometimes falls out of bed when it happens in the night ~ doesn't remember it happening.

I have asked him if he has hit his head when he falls, but he says "No", I think he just can't remember, so he may have done.

He insists that he is OK and, as I said, doesn't remember when these episodes happen, even after a few minutes.

He has had a chest x-ray, which came back clear, and is due to have a CT brain scan and a liver scan, as his liver count is a little bit high.

This situation is very scary, especially for my mum who has to witness these on a daily basis (she herself is ill and has limited mobility, so can't get to him quick if he falls - they do have Lifeline in place, though) so I wondered if anyone had come across anything like this and could give some advice.

Many thanks.

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This should be investigated by a medical professional - please take him to his GP as an urgent appointment or call 999.


Epilepsy? But i agree with lynora. Call 999 everytime he falls or chest pain etc. The smells for example could be an sura which can happen before a seizure. Good luck xx

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