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For far to long now my legs and feet have been so painful. Was told it was the lymphedema. But I got to thinking, if I only have lymphedema in left leg why do both legs and feet hurt so bad. Saw 2 podiatrist and other doctors had orthotics made and got zero help. Since I'm scheduled to have the Sapl surgery on my left leg in February, I thought I have to figure this out. Here in US, we have a place called the "Good Feet". They check out how you walk on feet and fit you with appropriate shoes and inserts. Did that early today. Today is the first time in a very very long time that my legs and feet are not hurting and I even walked my dogs. That a big deal to do that and not have my feet and legs hurt. The gentleman who helped me was able to look at my feet and see immediately that I need wider shoe even though I thought it was wide. He also said always when buying a walking shoes to make sure they are a neutral shoe. After I have the surgery on my leg, he will review the shoe and inserts with me again. So for all of you out there with terrible achy feet/legs, consider your shoes and arches. I almost started crying today. It made an immediate difference. First night in years I am going to bed with no leg and foot pain. I'm a happy camper tonight.

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  • That is lovely news!

    I used to share a building with a podiatrist who rarely actually touched feet - she spent time videoing patients as they walked, then did 3-D scanning of their feet. From that information she produced bespoke prosthetics - no point in issuing mirror image inserts, as no feet are the same! Expensive, yes, but life changing. Sounds like your gentleman is a similar life changer!

  • Yay! I am so happy for you (though vexed it took so long to find the place and people that could help you. Onwards and upwards in 2017!

  • Sadly, most doctors want to chalk everything up to my lymphedema or back issue. They really don't take time to listen or examine. It's very frustrating.

  • Part of the problem in finding a solution is that upon hearing I have degenerate disc and lymphedema, everything I have an illness, the doctors want to chalk it up to those two conditions and do absolutely nothing. It's really frustrating! I actually have to insist sometimes that I know my body and conditions and argue when I feel strongly that something isn't related to those conditions. Many times I have to dig and find information myself. Which is also what I had to do with lymphedema. It took years and about 13 doctors to get a diagnosis. Pretty ridiculous.

  • my doc, said I spend too much time on internet, diagnosing myself. I said if I'd done it 15 year ago, I might have realised I had a brain aneurysm, and not migraine, my own research, helps me to queston, what they tell me... afterall, its my body, even if its broken!!!, better off at the vets, you wouldn't put a dog through this.....just want to be comfortable and out of pain.

  • Totally agree Wolfess. Thank god for the internet. Like you say, we need to do our own research cos we sure as heck dont get the proper info from the doctors. My dr just said I had lymphoedema and that was that. It wasn't till i did some research that I realised she should have referred me to a specialist clinic. I had to ring to ask her to do it. Her response was' O..... DID U WANT ME TO REFER U??????????? I should have said.........NO, I'd just prefer to carry on like this with no help or treatment. Was she serious?????????? beggers belief

  • I felt the attitude was, your legs what!!!

  • Their attitude is because the aren't educated in the lymphatic system and don't know what to do. Here in US, they are pushing for more education on the lymphatic system for all doctorsorts. In meantime we patients are being asked to educate the doctors as we learn things about lymphedema.

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