Just had my doctor on the phone he had a phone call from the lymphodema nurse that I seen on Friday.That's my scan been ordered and I have to have blood tests done and I can have my injections done on my legs for the bursitis I have to see my doctor next Tuesday morning I must admit that when I have read some of the other posts that I am being seen and helped quickly x

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  • I have just got app through to see lymp nurse not til 4th jan 🙁

  • Great news Liz! Just shows that sometimes the system works so hopefully you will get all you need soon x

  • Thank you x

  • That is my tights ordered takes five working days to get them.Will give youse a laugh hubby goes to the chemist and the girl said to him it's five working days for them to come in he said to her as long as they are here before next Friday as I am going to a Christmas dinner dance she looked at him and said that they will be here before that poor girl he then said I'm only joking they are for my wife.He never fails to make me laugh everyday x

  • And sometimes that's all we need, a good laugh!

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