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In the legs !

Hi all. This is so nice to find other people with a condition that I hadn't even heard of and to hear I am not alone. When I wear my stockings my leg aches and it feels like something is gripping my ankle. Is this normal ? I am now getting a lot of foot pain down one side too. Sometimes my leg is more swollen after wearing the stocking all day. Am I doing something wrong ?

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It doesn't sound right, compression can feel tight especially when new but not what you describe. I would get the size checked out as soon as possible..ill fitting compression can make things worse.

Your leg certainly shouldn't be more swollen after wearing compression.

Hope you can sort out .

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Hi juliem2412. We're you measured for your compression stockings? It sounds as though they are too tight. Do you have a lymphoedema nurse? If not, it might be worth contacting The Lymphoedema Network (LSN) via their website you will find contact details and info on there. Hope you get sorted soon x

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Agree with other comments - it sounds like the stockings may not be right for you. Have a chat with your Lymphoedema clinic - sometimes a few products have to be tried to find the best and most appropriate one for the patient.


It took me years of work with my lymphoedema nurse to get stockings that are comfortable enough to live with.

I always found around my ankle and my knee that the tights would "scroosh" (my word) and they would be too painful to wear. This scrooshing caused my leg to swell in areas as the collection of the material was causing a kind of tourniquet. My solution ultimately to this is to ensure that the tights stay up when walking.

If you have made to measure tights, the company I use is Jobst and they insert a silicone band in the tight (like a garter) and this really helps stop them sliding down.

Oh and I no longer where socks on my tighted foot, any Lycra will also cause a tightness around joints.

Hope this helps

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