Adding to lymphoedema

Hey all ...I haven't been around for a add to lymphoedema in both legs I suffered a stroke a couple of months back...was in hospital for a week...but have recovered really well ...just have a mild weakness in my left leg which seems to be compromising the lymphoedema..leg is quite numb now and gets number if I walk too much...hence as the walking has lessened I am starting to put on weight but am watching it closely and am maintaining at present

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  • Hi cannot add anything to help but, hopefully the weakness in your leg will improve. Why is it that if we are already suffering from one thing, we go and suffer another problem or problems? Best wishes for your continuing recovery x

  • Thanks Chrissie2....yes tis hard when we get other health issues on top of lymphoedema...cos it seems each new problem seems to counteract with the ones I already have and it ends up being a balancing act...which is driving me to distraction at times cos since the stroke I tend to forget and do too much

  • Just wondering if you have been offered or could request some physio to help you to get better use of your left leg so that you can get better movement and it might also help your lymhoedema? Good luck with getting some improvement.

  • Thanks lovesradio.....I did have physio in my home for about 4 weeks after I was discharged from the hospital...I have since been discharged from that too...Before I had the stroke I walked daily for about 40 minutes...Now I am struggling to do half that length of time.....I also need to watch for "drunkedness" balance is out of whack at has much improved but at times...specially when I am tired I lose my balance quite badly...

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