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I am 75 , a widower and have Lymphedema , cellulitis ,a heart problem and arthritis. My daughter, a multiple cancer and NF patient, lives with me as does my son who, like his sister, has NF and cancers plus other problems.

Soon after I lost my wife who died in my arms when her aorta burst. She had so many problems with hospitals and her GP who kicked her off his list when we complained that her gasping for breathe need oxygen treatment and he would not tolerate complaints from patients. When I complained to the group he thought it a joke.  

  I was forced to move house due to various considerations of family health, having also had to deal with death of parents.  

 I had been told by Portsmouth hospital that I had no cancer issues though my father had died due to bowel cancer, my brother too, but soon after moving to Cambridgeshire I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and subsequently had over 7 weeks of radio therapy etc which left me with damage to my bowel and lymphedema and cellulitis attacks to add to my heart and arthritis problems.  

Both legs swelled so large that I was taken to A&E but the RT department Head later told me categorically that my ongoing problems with swollen legs and feet, cellulitis attacks ,  burnt bowel, and no lymph glands below the waist was not their fault!

Daily massage of legs and feet do not help though tube grip and pressure stockings have helped though my belly and thighs continue to grow slowly despite all that I do.

Nothing more can be done I am told except for dressings by GP nurses when needed ( I am no longer on the clinic books) but the arthritis in left leg and knee and lower spine is causing pain and also loss of feeling in leg as a hole.

Age etc does indeed weary this old guy!

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So sorry to read about all your problems, do you have any specialist Nurses to help with your problems, if you do maybe they can help you get registered with a GP practice, if not, maybe contact social services and see if they can give you any help and support, I'll be thinking of you and your family over the coming weeks xxxxxx


How awful for you. Do you have a lymphoedema clinic near you? Hopefully they should be able to help with some of your problems. The LSN should be able to help you find if there is a clinic near you. You cannot turn back the clock nut you should be able to get some help and not be left alone. Best wishes to you and yours in your fight 


Ye gods you have been let down badly by your health services. Like others I suggest you contact the LSN to see if there is a clinic you can attend to at least get proper treatment for lymphoedema and cellulitis. Radiotherapy during breast cancer treatment is a known possible trigger for arm lymphoedema so I'm not sure how the RT Head can be so sure that radiotherapy didn't trigger your problems? Good luck with getting proper support and treatment.


Thankyou for your commenst. Believe me I know that there are worse cases of Lymphodema but my life is made worse at my age of 76 by the treatment for prostate cancer . Looking back my later life is made worse because of treatment causing bladder problems and scarring from burns in my bowel after almost 8 weeks of rt. constant leg and foot swelling and creaming and massage. cellulitis causes sores and blisters on the legs. Apparently I have to live with it all. Damage to lymph nodes means weight gain. I have to live with it according to the pundits.


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