Has anyone tried the Lighterlife diet

Would love to hear from you if you have hoping to see if I can drop weight to be a bit more mobile.

I know that the are other options out there but in truth I have lost my passion for cooking and tasty foods, eating coz I have to not because I want to enjoy my food.

Any ways grateful for input - maybe it wasn't Lighterlife but something similar

What kept you focused

Have a great day everyone

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  • the danger with these very low calorie diets is that you will regain the weight as soon as you start to eat normal foods - so my advice is always to proceed with caution. We don't really know what is in them and they could be highly acidic to the body which will cause inflammation. I know people who have done amazingly well on the 5:2 diet where you restrict your intake to 500 calories on 2 days a week and eat normally for the other 5 days. This can be more achievable than giving up normal food completely for several months (particularly with Christmas approaching). Also realising what 500 calories looks like certainly makes you think twice about the calorie content of the food you eat on the other 5 days!

    Good luck! NNE

  • Just read though Lynora's advice didn't realise about the acidic causing inflammation.

    Defiantly look at it

  • Good advice from Naomi. Avoid these very restricted chemical diets with a barge pole! In your research, check out the Low Carb High Fat option (I know a few of the members on this forum follow it). It is very satisfying, and helps avoid the inflammatory process that can happen within the tissues when following the low fat or chemical soup diets. Its the added sweeteners and sugars they forget to mention, which are poison to someone with an inflammatory condition!

    Also - lightlife (and any other plan) is expensive - real food would work out as far more nutritious, and a fraction of the cost.

  • Will certainly look at this, by nature I don't eat carbs like potatoes but get too much carbs via sugar crap.

    Need to do some research

    Thxs Lynora

  • I don't do diets per se...but I have lost 30kg by eating more fruit and vegetables and cutting out the "c" foods on the whole..candy ...cake ..cookies.. chocolate ..chippies.. and I rarely have dessert... in their place I have nuts (in moderation) and seeds ...I only have meat once or twice a week..

  • Thxs

  • Hi

    I was recently told that whilst this diet is great for fast weight loss. I lost 2 stone in 7 weeks. That when you regain any of the weight it goes to the lyphodemic area first.

    I have it in both legs and can confirm this is definitely the case for me.

  • Personally I wouldn't use lighter life as an option to loose weight . I tried it myself a few years ago and felt very I'll eventually . Plus it really doesn't properly educate you about healthy eating which is what it's all about , not dieting . I never got to the point where food as we know it was reintegrated !! I thought it might be a quick fix with no cooking but it didn't wotrk and was a costly mistake. What we really need to do is to train ourselves to eat the correct things and this can't be done unless you're using proper food . If you have lymphoedema in the first place , then your body isn't working properly anyway and you need to maintain a good balanced lifestyle and losing weight does help . I lost over one and a half stone using weight watchers . It wasn't easy especially if you have lymphoedema in the legs because your weight can fluctuate up and down like a yo yo and it's often nothing to do with food . Fortunately I didn't hide my condition and my leader and other attendees were really encouraging and kept me motivated when I couldn't see the point of being really good and then finding out my weight had gone up . I persevered though and my mobility definitely improved . It's logical if you think about it . We want our lymphatic system to work better but if we are covered in extra layers of fat these will compress down and make drainage that much harder .

    I've also heard that Slimmimg World is good and I'm thinking of giving that a try as I've put some of my weight back on following my husbands death - just for a bit of variety to give me a kick start . I know how good I felt with less weight and I want to get back to that as quickly as possible but healthily.

  • When I was younger, and before visiting my family who lived abroad and friends, I devised a method which didn't exactly involved dieting. I would have my normal morning and dinner meals but at lunchtime, I would have some of the special "biscuits" which contained vitamins and minerals. I would try to getcc 250 kcal! And slowly, slowly, my weight would drop so by the time my family, and especially my in-laws, saw me, I would really look great.

    Whatever you do, don't skip meals and don't take pills either. I read that if you drink water before a meal, you'll end up eating less.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for all the advise decided not to go and see the rep for lighter life one thing they are great at is selling and if you are given enough encouragement etc I could have just signed up. It's getting you hooked that's the issue.

    Previously I was great at sticking to being healthy and doing all the right things but as the years have gone by and the lymph worse I have haven't been able to stay focused for long periods.

    Did slimming world but if the legs are bad and you gain people around don't undertstand.

    I am at uni full time at the moment and not as mobile as I was a few months back and I do suffer.

    Going to be 50 in a couple of years and feel if I don't help myself now I might just not make it.

    Anyway enough I need to get on with it

    Thxs for the support everyone

  • I do slimming world online which is great as you still get all the recipes and meal plan suggestions. I have lymphoedema and if I know I am having a bad day with lots of swelling then I don't weigh in that day but wait until I am having a good day and it is also better being able to weigh in first thing in the morning consistently. They have online chats too so you can still get the group support.

  • rother - do you have secondary or primary lymphoedema, or lipoedema?

  • Primary and Lip oedema.

    Mainly legs, left arm and stomach.

    thanks for asking Lynora

  • Sadly, with lipo-lymphoedema, ultra low calorie chemical diets are a huge no no! I definitely recommend you look into the anti-inflammatory properties of Low Carb High Fat - contact LipoedemaUK for research info and get in touch (if you are on Facebook) with a patient-forum called Talk Lipoedema

  • Thanks will do

  • Hi, sistersuzie here,

    Did the lighter life diet in 2012 lost 5 stone in 7 months easy 1st time felt really well,

    Then had a double bypass ,ha put it all back on again.The thing is it's not so easy the second time around once you come off the diet you really have to watch what you eat,I mean everything, down to a lettuce leaf.I made a lot of friends while I was on the diet it was in group then,but now it's online not so personnel, all the friends I made at the group have all put it back on.But don't let me put you off maybe your made of stronger stuff than me give it a go all the best.

  • There is one thing I meant to mention ...besides watching what I eat, I walk every day for at least 30 minutes...more often it is around 45 minutes.......that has helped me tremendously...BTW I am 65 with Lipo/lymphoedema in both legs...also a cancer survivor (endometrial cancer in 2013)

  • It sounds like you are coping and managing well.

    Well done

  • I agree with those who have suggested looking at low carb possibly combined with 5/2. I have lost weight just by using low carb high fat, and I am never hungry. The high fat element is very important though, for your health and energy and for not feeling hungry. Look at the Diet Doctor website, it's very informative.

  • Agree with you - I lost 6 kgs in 4 weeks by stopping all sugar & following the LCHF - see the link . . .

    Real food & never feeling hungry - Dood Luck


  • I didn't realise about the balance of carbohydrate vs fat affecting Lymphodema. I have followed Rosemary Conley which is low fat and lost a lot of weight, but found the swelling on my leg was worse ... Is this the reason? Where might I get more dietary advice relating to Lymphodema please?

  • I have always eaten 3 large meals a day. Although this wasnt a problem, when i hit my mid 40s i started to gain weght. I went up a dress size and knew i needed to sort this. Other people survive on less food so i knew i just needed to change my attitude to food. i took 3 hypnotherapy sessions and its changed my life! I was not knocked out but was just very relaxed! It also helped my attitude towards exercise and I'm now TWO sizes smaller! I took the exercise very, very slowly after suffering cellulitis twice do to too much exertion. I now feel very positive towards the future, but i appreciate it might not work for everyone.

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