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Hi Folks!

I have fairly mild lower limb lymphoedema after having surgery for cervical cancer. It's pretty well-controlled, for which I am very thankful after reading of the real difficulties lots of you are having. I am in awe of you folk out there who are having to cope with a bad case of this awful thing and I send you my very best wishes.

I was just wondering if any of you got lumps in your groin due to lymphoedema. Can that happen? I have a lump and wonder if it could be a blocked lymph node or something. I'm seeing my oncologist in a few weeks and will ask him but just wondered if I was worrying about nothing. It's about the size of a baked bean and is totally painless. Any lumpy bits out there? ;)


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  • It might be best to get it checked out - at least it would stop the worrying. I have lymphoedema in my arm after breast surgery and lymph mode removal. Occasionally I do get the odd lymph mode which swells -one time there was a problem and I had to have more radiotherapy. Most times, everything was fine but they do seem to come and go so it is difficult to know the difference. I hope I have not worried you even more but just get it checked out sooner rather than later. Let us know how you get on xx

  • Hi Steeple, as with any lump I would go and get it checked out as soon as possible, I wouldn't leave it a couple of weeks if I was you - my advice would be to get to your GP with it and let them have a gander.

  • Lumps can be a sign of an infection , get it looked at asap in case you need a course of antibiotics.

  • My brother found a lump in his groin. Turned out to be lymphoma. Get it checked a.s.a.p

  • Hi

    I have lymphodema in r leg following surgery for ovarian cancer

    Yes is the answer BUT

    Don't wait for a few weeks - phone the contact numbers you will have and ask to be seen asap.

    You dont say where abouts you live and access to treatment varies +++ depending where you are.

    If you live in UK

    When you are at the oncologist - ask be referred to lymphodema nurse - via McMillan Cancer as funding is available via cancer Budget.

    Lymphatic massage will help to reduce this swelling if lymphodema - as the lymph nurse can show you how to do this. I think there is a video available on the lymphatic website. Alternatively you can pay for a lymphatic massage but please make sure they are qualified to do this as many claim to be and are not - need to be Vodder level 2 trained and not just a beauty therapist.

    Please wait till you see oncologist before having massage as you don't say whether your treatment is finished.

    Good luck to you

  • Thanks so much for your replies. I'm on holiday at the moment but will see my GP at the start of next week.

    DebiMcC, I am in UK and had my surgery 28 mnths ago. I didn't have chemo or radio. My next check-up with the oncologist is coming up but if the GP thinks I need to be seen sooner then I'm sure I can sort that out.

    Anyway, I'll let you know how I get on.


  • Hi

    I didn't start seeing the lymph team till about 12minths after as takes time to let the dust settle after the surgery. Mine got increasingly worse, lymph nurse told me that the body works overtime to compensate then sometimes just gives up - bit like blowing a fuse I guess.

    Good luck & please let us know how you get on


  • Steeple, cannot speak to your lump other than to say have it checked. What I will speak to is you management of lymphedema. No matter how time consuming and annoying it may seem at times, don't take short cuts in your care. Make sure you wear you compressions stockings ALWAYS and do your self massages. This disease progresses with the length of time you have it so managing it is imperative. No exceptions. Must be anice intergal part of your daily life from here on out. All the best to you.

  • Hello. Just a quick update. My GP says my lumps feel rubbery and he's not worried. He think it's just a "reactive thing". Of course, I didn't ask what he actually meant by that because I was just focused on him bot being worried. He's sending me for blood tests next week so that's good. I discovered a new lump in another place in my groin. Wondering what's going on!

    Anyway, we'll see what the blood tests say. I might give my lymphoedema nurse a call too. And then I've got the oncologist in less than two weeks! It's all go! 😉


  • Hi skeeple, I am just wondering how you got on with your blood test and what your oncologist said about the lumps?

  • Hi Mistymay,

    The blood tests were all clear and the oncologist said he wasn't worried about the lumps and that some people just get them. Good news but I did feel he was being a tad patronising in his manner and I was made to feel like a neurotic hypochondriac for asking! He's never had the best bedside manner - empathy is not his strong suit.

    Anyway, now I've been assured nothing sinister is going on, I'll get right back to SLD as I'm currently feeling (and looking!) pretty lymphie. I've let it slip because I didn't want to massage the lumps. Hope I can improve things a bit and get back into good habits. 😊

  • I'm glad to hear that, I have been wondering how you got on. Hope you get back on track soon 😊

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