Day 3 lympha press

This is day 3 with useing the lymphapress my legs are beginning to feel the benefits of this marvellous machine they have started to soften the bulky parts of my legs yes it means I've been up quite a few times in the evening going for a pee but I am really impressed I am going to use it as much as I can while I have it .i have suffered for years with hardly no help at all 😢 this is well worth trying .if I can post photos on here I will so I can show you the results .im takeing photos every day to see any changes and so you people out there who have suffered like myself can finally see there is help . 😊🙏

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  • So good to hear the tides are turning.....thanks for keeping us informed!

  • How fantastic you are seeing positive changes! I'm very pleased for you😀 I have bilateral Primary Lymphoedema and am curious which machine (manufacturer/model) do you have? Does it simulate MLD?

  • Hello. I am so pleased to read such a positive post on here about successful treatment. I have had some sessions on a machine and have always felt an improvement after a session. The most I have had was every afternoon for a week. I have considered buying one but would really like to see if the benefits justified the cost for me. I did contact Haddenham a few years ago to see if I could "rent" one if their machines for a time but they did not provide such a service at that time. Are you able to supply me with the make of model and company you have got your machine please? I hope your treatment continues to benefit your condition.

  • Hi sundance, the lady I got this machine from is on healthunlocked I am on a two week trial I went to Henley upon Thames for this as I am only 60 odd miles away if I send you her email maybe you could get in touch with her she is such a wonderful helpful lady her name is Naomi she is the director of the lymphapress , her email address is maybe she could give you lots of information or has someone near you so you can get help like myself .the lymphapress I have on trial is the lymphapress optimal .i do hope this helps you kind regards let me know how you get on and I do hope you find the help you need with this dreadful condition .😊

  • How do you obtain the lymphapress? Will Ineed to get the prescription for it?

  • Hi Irish rose , no you can't get this machine on prescription I have got this marvellous machine on a two week trial to see if this reduces my lymphadeoma in both my legs , it cost £150 for the trial for two weeks they are a lot of money to buy if you go ahead to buy they take £150 off of the price if you have the trial they are 3,400 to buy .i have had positive effects since I started useing this lymphapress 4 days ago .i can give you the lady's email address if you would like to ask any questions she may be able to help you .kind regards .emma .

  • Please, if you don't mind. Thanks so much.

  • Hi here is Naomi's email if you email her you can ask her what you need to know here goes it's hope this helps you 🙏kind regards Emma

  • That's great! Thanks!

  • Naomi is the director of this product without her help I would be stuck as I have been badly let down by the nhs .

  • I am so glad to hear this and I look forward to hearing about more of your experience with the Lympha Press

  • That's great that it's working for you xx

  • Thankyou so much 😊 after years of suffering it is such relief to have found something that actually helps hopefully by the end of my trial I will be able to get into new compression .

  • Haven't heard of this. What is it and where did you get it. I have a pump but it doesn't help much.

  • I believe with all my heart that now is the time to find help for this condition....keep on going.......YEAH!

  • Any more info on how your Lymphapress is getting on?

  • Hi

    I am very interested in this method. Is it similar to lymphassist? I enquired about the lymphassist machine from Haddenham, however my therapist was unwilling to recommend the treatment plan because of her own personal opinions regarding the machine. I am unable to purchase the machine without the consent of my LE therapist.

    How did you get on with your two week trial? did you go ahead and purchase the machine? I have lower limb primary lymphoedema so I am wondering if this would be effective?

    Apologies for all the questions being bombarded at you, I hope you don't mind? Its just if we can share our experiences, whats worked, what hasnt then hopefully we can get somewhere with this awful condition we have.

    many thanks


  • I know how u feel i finally. Have mine

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