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Help with microlipo in the UK

My Mum is suffering badly with lymphoedema in both legs, pubic area and abdomen following vulval cancer lasy year. MLD and bandaging hasnt helped so we are trying to find out where this procedure is being used in the UK. I know Harley St offer it but we live in Northumberland.

I live in hope that one day soon this condition will get the support it sadly lacks. Our lives have changed so much.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated xx

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Try the Lymphoedema Support Network sorry short reply from me as need to rush off.


I don't think your mum would be a candidate for liposuction - micro or otherwise - what advice is her lymphoedema service giving?


Sorry to hear about your mum. I suffer from lymphoedema of left leg and vulva (pubic area) due to having had cervical cancer 23 years ago. I have had two operations on vulva in past 6 months which has helped but leg getting worse even with treatment, think it's spreading to other leg. They do micro surgery in Oxford but not suitable for everyone and costs £15,000 approx. you really feel as if you are banging head against brick wall trying to get a better quality of life as it depresses you. A friend of mine had the micro surgery last year in Oxford and has had good result just a shame they don't do it on NHS.


I remember reading about liposuction being done in Dundee. Try and ring the hospital Ninewells (hope my spelling is correct) and ask them about it.


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