Green fluid

Hi, my Lympoedema has began weeping green fluid, they are sore and hot, they have split open on the backs of the legs, and although this has happened before the discharge has been clear to yellow, not this lime green and bloody. I am on penicillin VK perminatly, and have just finished a 7 day course of Flucloxacillin. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this green fluid, if so what is it?

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  • Hi

    You need to see a doctor a.s.a.p make an urgent appointment for today. Have you got any other symptoms e.g High temperature, sweating, an increase in pain ?

    Regards Lymphy

  • Hi thanks for the feedback, I haven't got a team, my wife does all my dressings, I was supposed to attend the lymphoedema clinic but my appointments keep being canceled, just waiting for another appointment, my doctor said he would chase it up but not heard anything yet. We have a nurse coming to do a swab today, after we phoned the doctor yesterday and told her I had this green fluid coming from the leg, I will keep you updated on the outcome. Thanks.

  • Hi Again

    That's great, you need that swab doing, based on my own experience it could be cellulitis resulting from an infection of the open sores you described. I Hope the anti-biotics you have been on have done the job, hope it all gets better from here for you, if not too much trouble would like to hear how you get on.

    Take care

    Regards Lymphy

  • Yeah I will let you know what happens, thanks for your help and support.


  • Paul,

    Hope your situation is resolved soon!! You should not have to suffer or wonder what is wrong for so long!!

    Sending healing prayers and energy!!

  • Thank for your support Victoria.

  • Update! Well the district nurse has now been with her young assistant, they have proceeded to wash both legs with water with some moisturiser in it, then dabbed them dry, then taken a swab, and then they have wrapped two nappy size dressings right round the leaking leg, and held it in place with yellow line stocking, and said they will be back tomorrow to do the same. Not feeling to confident!

  • Fingers crossed (oops only in right hand as left is lypmhie) that you get a good result xx

  • Just like to thank everyone here for the great help and advice, district nurses arrived again today, very helpful, could see that I had been left without the care that I should have been getting, she said she would work with me to get things sorted, and true to her word she phoned me back later to day to say she had got me an appointment with the Lympoedema nurses for the end of April, and that the district nurses would try to attend with me, they will measure for the Farrow wraps. Still got to wait for the swab results to come back probably be Monday now before I get them. But a big thanks again.


  • That us great to hear Paul, I am really pleased and relieved to know you have finally got giving due care and attention to this matter. Praying that this poor mismanagement of your care is at an end and that you get fully recovered very quickly.

    I had to endure years of misdiagnosis and inadequate care, which resulted in multiple severe cellulitis episode's. This is a process far too many of us have to endure unfortunately, you only have to cruise these message boards to see how many have! Anyway well done for hanging on in there, onward and upward hopefully from here, keep in touch my friend and stay well.

    Regards & Respect


  • Well the swabs came back Monday morning, but no doctor read them until today, and the results were Flucloxacillin was not working and indeed I needed some different medication, so this afternoon I received Metronidazole 400g three times a day, so hopefully the will begin to work quickly as my leg became very painful last night and a lot wetter with darker lime green discharge, so it's fingers crossed.

  • Further update, started on the metronidazole 400g last week and started to feel a little better, unfortunately became very unwell over the weekend - pains in left arm, tummy upset, fever, fluttering in chest, the same again Monday morning, phoned doctor who rang back to say metronidazole can make you feel unwell and to stop taking them, so sent in new swab and water sample, but now have to wait for results to come back, meanwhile i now have infection in the other leg too and feeling really unwell. Hopefully get some help soon, cos I'm at my wits end.

  • It sounds like you have an infection ,to be weeping green fluid from your legs. Have you seen an Infectious Disease Doctor yet. It sounds like you need Intravenous antibiotics for that.

    Good luck

    Antonia Mengler

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