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I would like to thank Mary1970 and MistyMay. Firstly Mary1970 thankyou for joining this forum on behalf of your mum. I to swell at the top of my leg and pelvic area i really feel for your mum its so hard to live with and cope with everyday.MistyMay you responded recommending postpartum pants from Leonisa.I ordered a pair the same day they were shipped very speedily and are AMAZING !!!!

I am on my feet at work and by noon im so swollen the heaviness is unbearable in my pelvic area.These pants are perfect they are comfortable fit well and have literally changed my life. I still swell but i dont have that awful heavy feeling anymore they offer so much support without feeling too tight like the spanx i tried.It just goes to show how important this forum is and how it benefits others.I would never have known about this company if it wasnt for you.Ive since ordered 4 more pairs its my birthday next week and everyones buying me postpartum pants !!!! Like Mistymay i would strongly recommend this company to all you ladies out there.

Sending your mum all my love and support i hope things will improve for her Mary1970 x

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Oh that is wonderful! I must admit I have had the pants for a couple of weeks and I was a bit scared to recommend them to everyone in case they didn't work for you too as they aren't cheap. I am so happy that they have worked for you and I promise if I find anything else that works I won't hesitate to tell you all. Have a great day xxx


Thanks again for sharing i will to if i come across anything that makes things easier x



Yes it is such a relief to know you are not alone. My Mum has a date for treatment to start MLD in April so will let you know how things go.

I am going to order some of the pants today. Thank you all so much for giving me hope when we all felt we had none. You love and support has overwhelmed us xxx


Hi marvi1970 was just wondering how your mum is doing have you had the delivery of the pants yet if so are they helping ? I do hope so i know how awful this type of swelling is and that it effects so much of your life.Sending best wishes to you and your mum xx


im so sorry i wasnt wearing my glasses when i read your post i called you mary sorry marvi . I have MLD and it does help me a great deal i do hope this helps your mum. When i joined this forum i was at my lowest i couldnt see how could cope with this condition for the rest of my life. I received so much support i to was overwhelmed everybody was so kind in the replys it made me cry but for the first time in a long while it was happy tears!!! Please tell your mum that we all are sending lots of love and support your not alone and any helpful tips i come across i will pass them on. xx


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