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Congenital Lymphadema in left leg


I am very happy to be a part of this community. I am hoping I can find some support and help in this forum. I am from Arizona and was hoping to find some individuals that go through the same struggles having Lymphadema, that would like to share their thoughts and feelings and need some encouragement. If anyone lives in the Phoenix area and would like to have some gatherings, let me know and we will make it happen.


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Hi Greg, nice to meet u. I don't really know if Iam a congenital case or secondary but my left leg is affected as well. ;-) welcome to the club. I don't know if u are very sporty person but I used to love jogging and I can only walked now. Walking is apparently good for our condition. I live in Dublin.


Hi Greg - the LSN is based in the UK. Have you heard of or joined on your side of The Pond?


Hi from Scotland! No use for meeting up but glad you found the forum!


Hi Greg

I have lymphedema in my right leg. I am happy to find someone from the USA on this site. While I live in Florida, I'd be happy to share experiences with you. I've had lymphedema for 7 years following radiation therapy after cancer surgery. God bless!



Hi greg im also new to this forum everybody is amazingly supportive and share great advice.

Im from Maidenhead Berkshire in England. Im so pleased bikerchic has a fellow American on

this site but i have to say no matter what country we are from for me it feels like one big family.

Alison x


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