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Swelling from knees up


11 hours agobirty

Hi I have autoimmune hepatitis and take 5 mg prednislone and 100 mg mercaptopurine daily , my liver is doing well , bloods are in normal range. Since August ive been swelling up , it's worse from the knees up although I do get some swelling in my lower legs,feet and ankles, it's also in my face and around my eyes,I'm so tired, I can easily sleep for 10 hours , my liver consultant has told my GP to rule out a cardiac cause by way of an an echo and my gp is disregarding this because my feet and ankles are not really swollen ,I'm taking 40mg frusimide a day which is helping a bit , my thyroid function is normal , I'm really fed up with it now and feel stuck with no answers , I'm 44 ,work part time and have three kids aged 7,10 and 17.


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Call your liver consultant, and tell him that your GP is disregarding his recommendations. There could be any number of things going on, and they should be investigated.


Hi,yes I have seen him and told him,he arranged the thyroid blood test,I think a letter will be on its way to my gp,its just so frustrating not knowing what's causing it,I have a telephone appointment with the gp on Wednesday morning to see if she's had any replies to a couple of emails she sent out a month ago,one was to an endocrinologist and the other to a lymphedema clinic,if I dont get a satisfactory answer I think I will have to change my gp.


This seems to be common practice by GPs - not to recommend ECG for any suspected heart trouble. I thought that heart investigation (incl. ECGs) was mandatory under the NHS patient rules. Does anyone know if GP surgeries are charged for hospitals providing this service? I am going to a clinic tomorrow and will ask them what the situation is there. What are the names of patients' bodies, one can request info or complaints? Does anyone know?


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