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Anyone use vibration plate exercise machines ?

Can't decide between Reviber Plus or CrazyFit. Both are oscillating movement. R claims 13mm amplitude & seems more vigorous motion than CF (10mm amplitude), but the CF vibrates faster than the R. Does anyone know best rate for lymph leg condition or have any experience of using vibration plates ? Thanks very much !

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I don't know anything about the machines, but have had several (4) clients invest in a power plate - ranging in cost from about £150 to nearly £1000. Sadly none of them found them of any benefit and either sold them on or, in one case, uses it as a clothes horse in the spare bedroom!!! Why not ask the sales company if you could have one on 'trial to buy' basis, that way you will be able to assess if you like using it and if you feel any benefit.

2 of my ladies opted to join an aquarobics class instead, which they have found is far more fun and beneficial for their lymphoedema (one lady is an 'arm' the other lady has secondary lymphoedema in both legs).


Thanks very much, Lynora. Very useful advice ! I saw a letter in the lymph newsletter a little while ago & that writer had had great success with a vibration plate machine, but of course, as we all know - everyone's different ! Cheers !


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