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Beach holiday advice

How do you manage going on a beach/pool holiday? I have LE in one leg and normally wear my stocking all the time - but worried that keeping the leg wet all day is not good (as the stocking is wet). I do rinse after a swim and try to pat it dry. Taking it on and off in the heat/sand/wetness/sweatiness is not really an obtion - as I am sure you can relate to. Thanks

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One of my clients recently came back from a holiday in Sardinia. She wore her leg garment all the time, except when she got back to the apartment in the late afternoon, at which point it was pulled off, washed, and hung up to dry - she didn't don it again until the next morning. She took a couple of spares, and one older one which she wore in the pool every morning when she went to 'exercise'! Do you find that you have problems if you leave it off too long? She doesn't wear hers in the evenings at home, when she gets in from work, and has found that it makes no difference to her lymphoedema.


Hi Lynora - Thanks for your answer. This is pretty much what I do - except I need to wear mine all the time (European class 3) and wear a class 2 at night. It makes a big difference to me if I do not wear the stocking. Holidays are not stressfree - with the extra food, drink, heat etc. I am actually more concerned about the sanity of my leg than relaxing!! But as long as the kids are happy :-)


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