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Does anyone know if toning tables are effective for lymphoedema

I have chronic bi-lateral lymphoedema and at the moment, is currently being untreated!! I was receiving MLD by a private MLD therapist at home, (funded by my PCT) but the funding was pulled over a year ago. I've now got funding back but my therapist, the only one around for 30 miles, has left the area so I now have nothing. I have read somewhere that toning tables may be a good way of exercising the limbs without putting pressure on the joints, and also may help move the lymph fluid. Does anyone know if this is true? Have you used them and do they work? I have been offered a free trial at a local beauty salon as I have a medical condition but I won't sign up for the sessions until I know if it will work or not. If there is evidence that it does work I may even get my gps to ask the pct to fund the sessions. Any advice would be really appreciated.



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hi wendy

no idea re toning tables, but swimmings great & safe - & you could get help towards that through your local 'inclusive fitness' aka 'exercise on prescription' scheme which your gp should know about


I found toning tables a waste of money I had the free trial a few years ago made no difference to my condition much easier to do exercises in your own home or go swimming I also spent £270 for several sessions of reflexology this felt lovely but did not reduce the swelling or the lymphoema and GP advised me not to have any more sessions so i self massage everyday


I've know that several of my clients have given the Toning Tables a try - and all decided they got more out of a good walk, or, like Norberte, preferred a session in a pool. Two of them went to Aqua-aerobics, offered in the same pool, and said it was fantastic - other than the problem of trying to don the garments after the session - but it just added to the general hilarity in the changing rooms! All the class-goers were of a 'certain age', and the majority had health problems. The instructor was/is brilliant, and takes into account all abilities.

If you have been offered a 'free trial', then give it a go, but make sure that whoever is instructing you on how to use them knows what they are talking about and is aware of your medical history. If they look/sound like they haven't got a clue, then walk away.


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