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Ihave asthma/bronchiectasis & been changed to FostairNext inhaler from Symbicort.. Would welcome any reviews on this inhaler..Thank you.

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Hi Geraldine72

I am happy that you joined this community and hope that we will be able to help you in some way. You bring up a lot of issues that other people also struggle with.

Sometimes it takes trying different medicines to find the right one for you. It is important to take them as prescribed in order to get the full benefit from them.

Having a good understanding of what is going on with your lungs is important. It is also important for health care professionals - your doctor-to listen to you about how you feel and the symptoms you are having with or without taking medication. Ask your physician to talk to you and between the two of you come up with a plan to treat you and reassess frequently until you have the right plan - individualized for you! Not being able to breathe is scary-find someone to talk to about how you feel and how to cope - LIVING with asthma.

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Thank you Maryhart for your most helpful reply, I appreciate your good advice & I will take on board your wise tips...Take care &, stay safe..x

frogsandangels in reply to Hidden

You stay safe too

I like it I have Santeria triad along with eosinophilia asthma /copd. I use it twice a day two puffs. I have had pretty good luck with it. I am not familiar with the fostairnext inhaler though

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Thank you frogsandangels for your kind reply,so far FostairNextinhaler seems to be working well, but of course it is early days..Glad all good & well with you too..Take care, & stay safe.x

I have been on fostair for a while now before this was on Qvar .. it does help control my asthma but use my preventer quiet slot aswell .. have been suffering hay fever aswell as my asthma .. do you take any antihistamine meds ?

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Thank you, Wangi. for your most helpful reply, I was on Fostair quite some time ago, but it did not work well for me, I found that Symbicort400 was much better, but unfortunately made me cough quite a lot, so I asked my GP for a change of inhaler& I was prescribed FostairNext, which I have to say although it is still early days, I find that my cough is not nearly as bad as what it was with Symbicort,& no Wangi I am not on antihistamine meds., maybe if you asked your GP to try FostairNext, it could perhaps be more beneficial for you too, I feel that it is all trial & error for us,until we find what is our best option..I wish you well,Wangi,&Take care,&stay safe..x

It works great for me but I am on a fixed income & can’t afford it. My adult children get it for free but once you hit 65 yrs they make you pay in the 200.’s for it.

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