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PSA: Primatene Mist


PSA: I saw recently that Primatene Mist Inhaler is back on the market (but reformulated to NOT have CFC propellants). Here is some info from the FDA:

Another similar med that’s already been on the market (that I take) is RacemicEpinepherine (Asthmanefrin

My Dr. says this nebulized version is stronger (always ask your own Dr. before starting any new meds even Over the counter).

What conversations has everyone had with their doctors about either of these medications?

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MinushabensAsthma Captain

I'll be honest, I've not come across either of those, although when I searched it, the FDA decision has received a small amount of coverage in one or two UK newspapers. As far as I can tell, neither have ever been available here, but I could be wrong about that. I know there was a bit of a debate here a couple of years ago about making some asthma medication available over the counter as opposed to prescription only, but it came to nothing in the end (rightly so I think).

Hi AsthmaBreath-

I used Primatene mist when it was sold over-the-counter and this was back in the 70s. Being that the EPA is getting ALL businesses to reduce CFC emissions, I wouldn't give Primatene mist a "looking at". There are MUCH better prescribed inhalers that a physician can offer you, mainly the albuterol based inhalers. Not sure what the newer version of Primatene costs, but be advised that there are better prescribed inhalers IF you have medical insurance. If not, give P.M. a go of it. A pulmonary doctor can get you the right stuff prescribed if in doubt. Good luck to you.

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