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Living with Asthma
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My asthmas story

I wish I knew that lots of people suffer from asthma, and some people’s is well controlled while others really struggle. I wish I would’ve known that asthma can be triggered by more than just over exerting yourself, etc. That allergies, second hand smoke, etc can cause people’s asthma to act up. I barely knew anything when I was first diagnosed.

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Right now there is a lot emphasis on education. Just taking your meds without knowing what your triggers are can still leave you vulnerable. Knowing what triggers your asthma attacks is very important and it is different for each asthma sufferer. This is why it is important to be proactive about your asthma, keep an updated asthma action plan (AAP), go to all of your appointments, etc. It is like when somebody is getting chemotherapy...you need to do each step conscientiously

so that you leave nothing up to chance when you want to regulate your disease.


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