Living with Asthma
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Well 2-1/2 yrs later and I finally hav a diagnosis -Bronchiectasis. Aftr 7 days of Azithromycin, Mucinex (expectorant), Aerobika Oscillating PEP usage - I feel abt 90% better Thank goodness🙏🏽 My fear is what's gna happn aftr Im done with the antibiotics. So aggravating havn to battle these insurance companies.. 3x CT Scan denied😡 My upper body/chest tightness completely gone. Still hav the cough but not as bad. Still seeking a 2nd opinion ref the asthma. My pulmonologist said asthma often accompanies the bronchiectasis. My bloodwork qualifies for Xolair but not sure if its needed. Counting my blessings🙏🏽 I never thought Id feel this good agn☺️ Does anyone here hav bronchiectasis.. my pulmonologist said its rare. Thanks for listening!

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