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At A Loss

Here Iam at 47yo, never a smoker, not around smoking and now have been diagnosed w/allergy related asthma. My inhaler helps(at my worst, like today) I use it 6 or more times. I've tried Qvair and the other that starts with "A" and they both have an adverse effect (very scary to feel your lungs closing on you) I've seen a pulmonoligist and he hasn't been much of a help. They only thing that helps is a monthly wk. long dose of prednisone, but I've been told this isn't good for me. But it's the ONLY thing that works albeit it's only temporary(4wks or so) Any suggestions? I'm taking zertec & Flonase 4 squirts a day #prednisone #allergies #asthma #flonase

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Hi there,

Sorry you are going thru this. I feel the same way about Advair! One thing that has helped me is to use a really good air purifier such as Austin company (I don't work for them) ......that can pull some of the allergens out of the air.....I have one in the bedroom and one in living area.....for meds, I use a mix of budesonide and albuterol in a nebulizer.....hope you egg some relief soon


Yes, I agree with Katherinet32 a Nebulizer helps me tremendously. I am the same whereas NONE of the maintenance inhalers, disks work and the only thing that really has an impact is "prednisone". My insurance covered all but $8 for my desktop nebulizer and I purchased a portable one from Amazon. Bn noticing a pattern in July-August, more am coughing & chest tightness so the neb (albuterol) treatment provides great relief. Also, I use my rescue inhaler (Combivent) alot less. Good luck to you!


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