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Something positive


Having a rough time and I need to focus on all the positives I can

What is a positive about today?

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💗Starrlight 💗

Our team (Oakland A's) are playing in the playoffs today.

It's Tuesday which is zoom friends get together night.

It's another new day, full of new promises .

Love you .

Starrlight in reply to melbrown

Love you too, beautiful. Today I want to die. I’m being honest and I just can’t help it. I wish things were different. I’m finally shedding a few tears over the trauma I went through recently. I feel so done.

For me, a wonderful positive is opening my e-mail account, and finding another shining Starrlight post.

I am not, could never be, such as you are: hurt, struggling, but always reaching out in optimism for reminders of the good in the day.

I thank you from my heart for showing me, yet again, even though I am not alone in my pain, I can choose / not choose to be alone in my misery or to look for another way.

YOU are so often the light to that better way for me.

Well said.

Oh wow Nothing_but-pain. I had no idea, thank you. You are beautiful. Your words mean so much to me I reeeeeaaaaally needed that. I am letting go now finally I am breaking down right now crying I’m hurting so badly. How could he do this to me? I will never be the same again. He could not possibly know my pain and I feel confused as to what to do next and part of me is hating him for that. My kids are seeing me cry and are comforting me. I love them so much and must be strong for them. ❤️

I am so sorry for your hurt. I wish there was something more than words I could offer.


Something more than my words:

If memory serves, you said you enjoy Audubon. Perhaps this may pass a few moments peacefully for you:

You are the best!!!

What a wonderfully sweet and helpful reply.

Cool Fall weather in El Paso.

Hey Bob,

I'll see your cool fall and raise you one more month without snow. Oh and did I mention I heard Beelzebub is getting out the snowshoes.


Yes, cities are still thriving!

That’s a tough one? During this virus most of us are looking for something positive. Sometimes I don’t care about living? I live in the USA where we’re dealing with social injustice. Crime is up, seniors are getting harassed for wearing a mask. What the HELL??? They don’t want anyone to tell them to wear a mask, but they want to pick on seniors for wearing One??? I worry about my grandson. Feeling up in limbo, not having control. I speak to my Therapist on a weekly basis, he’s calling this morning hopefully he can make me feel better? 🙏😷

Good luck with your therapist. Yes this world is a strange one! Sad.

lulu-1 in reply to Want2BHappy3

Hello :-)

I live in the UK and similar is happening here , crime , people seem to be losing it and I cannot get my head around it either when there is a virus like this I thought we would all pull together !

These masks though , my Son works in a care home they are testing them once a week which is good however his colleagues had a cold not covid a cold and they all wear masks at work as it is compulsory and my Son did have a point , he said if I have managed to catch their cold wearing a mask how good are these masks with covid , it did get me wondering

Still I think it is best to wear one but makes you wonder ? :-) x

Hello :-)

Something positive " You " :-)

Take Care x

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