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Blah days

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Today I’m overwhelmed from dealing with anxiety and panic attacks everyday. I’m not sure how i feel just blah. It’s not like me I don’t want to do anything but lay in bed. I have a 2 year old so not happening. But I’m thinking that’s good. I’m constantly obsessed with the physical symptoms I feel, trying to figure out what’s causing them or is it all in my mind.. I wake up thinking about them and spend all day dwelling. I’ve had panic attacks for almost 2 weeks straight now and I’m tired. I know I want to live just not like this... anyone else for blah days?

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Hi Rabbithole720

I know exactly what you feel in blah days. It is as if it is always dark and gloomy rather then nice and sunny from within resulting in making it a challenge to bring positivity to your emotions as to raise your self esteem. An aftermath of such mood changes do result in you losing interest in your normal things of enjoyment.

It is a good thing you have a child to take care of. It gets you up and makes you feel a bit better in someway within yourself. Just getting up makes a minor change in mood. Especially when you have a blessing such as a child.

Try not to over do yourself figuring out all your symptoms as to where they may be coming from. Overwhelming the brain can very much bring anxiety to a stronger point with a higher percentage of having panic attacks. I have surely been there.

Knowing you don’t want to live like this is already a step forward for you. Progress at times may be minor but are much better off then no progress. Especially when they come from within you.

Stay confident and remember, a small percentage of positivity will always take away a large amount of negativity. 😊

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