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Does life ever get any better with anxiety. Everyday i wake up feeling ill so over feeling like crap everyday. I have so much that i want to do but never feel well enough to do it. Feel lijke k have somet hing is seriously wrong with me that doctors don't pick up. Don't even feel good when walking aroundx my legs fee like crap. Pains stomache stinging iin back at times pains in side. Over it all people would be better off if i was gone.

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Hello, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling so lost with this. I haven’t had a bad crippling panic/anxiety attack in about 10 years and about 2 weeks ago out of the blue I got them back again. I get nervous but no major ones, where I feel like something bad is going to happen and get all the crazy physical symptoms. I got light headed, my legs and arms felt numb like they weren’t there. It’s a weird feeling, hard to explain and now I’m sat here wondering why is this happening again. I’m not sure what triggered it after all this time. But I know having gone 10 years without them, bad ones I should say, I can do it again. Try and be around family or friends who make you feel good, try and distract your self. In the store today in line, waiting to check out. I was freaking out. So I made myself look at 5 things I could see, 5 things I could touch and 5 things I could smell and named them off, then tried to recall everything. I got a few but some just slipped my mind even though it was stuff right there. So I did it again and then on recall got more right. Eventually you get your thoughts off the hamster wheel and out of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde mode.

Dorsey in reply to Snowpaw

Thank you yes its so overwellming i don't even feel like havinv people around as i sometimes feel i cant cope. Now and then i can pick myself up but then the weird legs start hard to explain they just don't get it.


Hello :-)

I know how you feel , I most days believe there is something wrong but I do accept I have health anxiety but even so , a pain , something looking a bit different triggers me of and yes it is hard work but the answer is never ever to give up

Anxiety can seriously give you physical symptoms that seem very real and feel very real , anxiety is such a powerful thing and the reason the Doctors after all the tests they have done cannot maybe find anything wrong is possibly because the anxiety is the thing that is wrong and not what it wants you to believe

I get up now and just say , here we go again when I start worrying in fact I hear my self telling myself to shut up , I mean I can in one day have had up to 6 things wrong with me and have to ask myself really ? am I that unique that I can have all these life threatening things that have been going round in my head all day and I know the answer is no but that again is how anxiety keeps a firm hold of us , feeding us these thoughts which then gives us the symptoms

Tell yourself if anything was life threatening the Doctors would have picked up on it so the things you feel tell yourself I don't like them but I won't let my anxiety feed them and make it worse

Have you ever noticed because I have I can really be feeling something and then I can be talking to someone and after I realise all the time I was I never felt anything but the moment I realise that I start feeling it again , just shows how powerful the mind is :-)

Hope the rest of your weekend is as worry free as it possibly can be :-)

Take Care x

Yup I definitely feel everything you said. I can’t leave the house, I don’t even want company over, I am too sick to do anything productive. Before I signed up on the site, I honestly thought I was the only one. I couldn’t believe how many people feel this way. Our bodies are sick in a way. The depression and anxiety really takes a toll. I like baby steps. Some days are good when I clean the kitchen, do laundry, go for a short walk, etc. I know it’s easier said than done. But feeling the accomplishment is so worth it. And I always feel when one of us does do something accomplishing, they should journal about it so they can go back to that page when we’re feeling down. I’m sorry you’re going through this. We’re here for you. You are definitely NOT alone. Lots of hugs 🤗

Dorsey in reply to MariaLove123

Thank you maria and lulu everything you both say is what I'm feeling i ca have a better day here and there but so wish i could have a dayh where i feel wonderful.XX

i feel your pain amd understand what ypir going thru just try to hang in there things will get better i do wish i knw what to tell you because me myself still trying to figure out what must be done but jus know that your not alone.

Dorsey in reply to Cwoods

Thank you. I know there are lots of us suffering out there.

Cwoods in reply to Dorsey

no problem we are all here to give support to each other.

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