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Living with Anxiety
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Hi all new to this , how do I cope with my anxiety and paranoia? Iam sometimes fine when iam at home but when iam at places and there’s loads of people I get really anxious, I see someone about it I meet her every thortnight but still struggling she said I can call her anytime but I don’t want to bug her and it always feels like people stare at me so iam uncomfortable and anxious 😟

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Hi Amelia, welcome to the forum. Hopefully we can help you out and be a listening ear for you.

It’s good to hear that you are meeting someone about your anxiety. Now it is about finding your strategy on how to deal with it. Have you had any suggestions so far? One way that I’ve learnt to deal with mine is through mindfulness and meditation. When I feel panicky I take a moment to concentrate on my breathing. One good way I do it is shut my eyes put a hand on my chest and one on my stomach and take some big breaths and feel the rise and fall. If it happens when I’m out I’ll often go and find the closest toilets and hide in there for a minute or two in order to calm me down.

Do you know what your main triggers are with paranoia? Is it the fear people are staring at you or do you worry about other things?

I’m sure if she told you, you can call her when you need her I’m sure she won’t think you’re bugging her. She’s trying to help you and will be there for you 😊 x

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I meet her for my depression as well and panic attacks , nobody’s said anything at all , I just usually put my head phones in! So iam not anxious but still doesn’t help , iam on fluoxetine as well if I try and breath I have palpitations and go dizzy and hot , everything triggers it even if iam in bed and can’t sleep or in appointments xx


Hello & Welcome :-)

Liberty has given you some great advise in her reply :-)

You know I can only really add that these people are there to help and if she has said phone any time you need to you must , that is what they get paid for so you are not been a nuisance if you take that offer up you are just helping them to stay in a job , if you look at it like that it might help :-)

It goes with anxiety thinking everyone is looking at us , we can feel like we have a big label attached to us saying " I suffer with anxiety " but we don't and people are that busy with their own life's and what they are doing trust me we are the last thing they will be interested in :-)

I hope now you have found these Communities you will no longer feel so alone and know you have somewhere where you can come and chat and there will be understanding and a listening ear :-)

Take Care x


When I get really anxious I start to get paranoid too. It gets pretty bad at times and can affect everyone around me.

What helps me when I have to go out, for example grocery shopping, I make a list before I go so I can get what I need as quick as possible. If I can I take someone with me. Someone who understands my anxiety and someone I trust. If that’s not a possibility I call someone and talk to them while I shop.

I’ve tried headphones and listening to music, but it’s easy for me to block it out and get lost in my thoughts which cause anxiety and paranoia to flare up.

Talking is a better distraction for me.

I also listen to ebooks instead of music.

So maybe this may be helpful.


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