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Living with Anxiety
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Severe anxiety lately, how do I cope??

For 6 months now I have had debilitating symptoms from anxiety (chest pains, hr goes up to 180 sometimes, dizziness) that have landed me in the ER and then the doctors seeing my hr so high they send me to a cardiologist who found nothing wrong except for my low blood pressure but he thinks that it’s all my anxiety really causing it. I have had anxiety my whole life but for 5 months it has completely took over my life and it controls me 100%. I don’t drive, I won’t go in restaurants or grocery stores, i won’t go see family. I live in constant fear of “when I stand my hr might go too high or my blood pressure might drop too low”. I have severe social anxiety and hypochondria. I wouldn’t wish this horrible disease on my worst enemy. My main symptom that scares me so bad is dizziness and I have such a hard time believing it comes from anxiety. I want my life back, I’m young and I want to travel and do things!!! Anxiety is holding me back! Any tips?

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Hello & Welcome :-)

I totally agree I would not wish this anxiety on anyone either !

You say your BP is low this can sometimes cause dizziness if your BP is low along with anxiety , is your Doctor keeping a check on your BP and have they discussed treatment for your low BP as just like high BP there are medications to control it , I would go back to your Doctor tell them how you are feeling , let them check it again and as well I would tell them how bad your anxiety is and ask what support they can give you as again there are medications or therapy that you could be referred to but we need to keep pushing and asking because otherwise it lots of cases it can be they will mention we have anxiety but unless we push they will do nothing to support us with it

I hope now you have found these Communities you know you are not alone and that you have somewhere you can come and chat and that will help even if in a small way :-)

Take Care x


I am not a doctor so obviously discuss this with your doctor or psychiatrist first. I’m relating to my own personal experience. First i would suggest (from experience standpoint) to make certain you’re drinking enough water. Everyone always told me to drink more water and i already did so i ignored it. Recently

I started keeping a bottle of filled water with me at all times and told myself i would finish this bottle within the next hour. I repeat that process eight times and i can actually feel the difference. It’s amazing. I used to get dizzy all the time and it scared me. It was the most annoying/uncomfortable sensation for me at one point because i felt trapped. I didn’t want to be anywhere dizzy. I also began thinking i was going to faint or pass out or have a heart attack. When those sensations come on now, i tell my body “okay you have 21 seconds tomgive me all you got. If you don’t give me what I’m most scared will happen in 21 seconds then we are done. I’m calling your bluff. And you can’t waste my time anymore”. (I credit this somewhat new found approach to the DARE RESPONSE by Barry McDonagh). His books, panic away and DARE changed my life. I suggest purchasing it if you have asmart phone. Get the audible book dare then you can get the dare app as well. It talks you through panic attacks, worry, deep breathing, meditation. It saved me from myself. I was diagnosed with panic disorder accompanied with agoraphobia meaning my world became so small Bc of panic attacks. I moved back in with my mom at 24 and had to take a break from school(i was at university of Arizona in 2010) i couldn’t be alone and i couldn’t leave the house. I wish i would have met someone in the position i am in now, at 26 , in recovery from anxiety and panic disorder. If you are ever afraid or seeking guidance like i said I’m not a doctor but i experienced life through anxiety for 15 years (22 years total of memorable experiences however fifteen were the worst scariest most debilitating experience in my life). So i can listen, relate and offer advice such as purchasing the audible dare book, getting the app with it. I also highly recommend the app the calm. I purchased it a year ago and it has done wonders, esp the breathing option on the calm. Maybe also ask your doctor to administer a blood test to cross out any other option because most likely it is just anxiety. But if it’s not then you’ll know within a few days of the blood test and you can treat it. I was anemic and felt very dizzy/weak/bruised easily etc. when i had my doctor check my blood for that - i found out that day and was given iron to prevent these issues. Like i said that was just my experience. I could type for days because all i want to do is help people and maybe I’ll be able to help someone avoid the years of anxiety i endured Bc i know all i needed was someone older they experienced the same things and i prayed for that person. So if you need to talk like i said feel free to message me. You also might just need electrolytes to combat the dizziness but I’m not a doctor, but more electrolytes and water couldn’t hurt anyone! Message me if you want to talk or if you are ever in need of someone to calm you down or be thee for you.

Sending positive vibes your way


Kirby Lynn


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