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Daily palpitations

I get the heart palpitations everyday, through the day. Sometimes I get one after another after another and sometimes I will have one and 5 minuets later have another one. My doctor told me that it could be stress and to relax, but I feel that there is more behind it. It affects my sleep and my day to day life. Has anyone had this? Is it normal? Could these palpitations kill me?

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Hello Panic6 & Welcome

I see you have posted on Anxiety Support and we are not as many on here but hopefully you will still get some replies that may help

I remember quite a few years ago now having the same fear as you and I also would feel like my heart had stopped it would jolt me awake , but you know it was anxiety , when the body is in a state of anxiousness we do not realize how tense we have been or are and then as we start to relax everything including the heart starts to relax to and can cause miss heart beats , harmless even though it can feel quite frightening

Tell yourself this as happened so many times yet you are here , you have been checked out by Doctors who are trained and have trained in medical School to be able to detect if anything was wrong , why would they lie that everything was ok if it wasn't that is your anxiety trying to convince you they are wrong and not reality

You sound like you have Health Anxiety which your fear creates , I would go & see my Doctor and if you already have I would go again and ask if you can be referred for some Counselling , it will really help you to get to the core of this fear

I really hope you get all the help you need with your anxiety as you are young and I know you will have a long & happy life ahead of you :-)



I think lulu-1 has given you some lovely advice. One thing I would add that really helps me relax even if it is during the night is meditation. If I put on a sleep one I'll be back calm without minutes and asleep before I know it. There's an app called insight timer which I swear by and they are all free 😊


I have the same thing! Im kind of glad to know someone else has it, I don't feel so alone. I think these heart palpitations are normal. Im pretty sure we have them because we are always so anxious. Don't be worried 🙂


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