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Here's a link for you to try

Hi everyone I've got PTSD. health anxiety bipolar type 2 and GAD. Ive tried it all same as you but ive started to do meditation for beginners recommended by my therapist.i know it's not for everyone I wouldn't of ever tried it but with so many people advising me I thought I'd give it a glad I have I have been doing so well since don't get me wrong it's not a cure. It's just time out when we are at our worst it helps me be anxiety free for the duration of the video and calms me for most of the day please try it what you got to lose.

Have fun and just relax.

Love Nat xxx

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Thanks Nat that is really helpful shall have a listen I could do with relaxing :-)


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How do I pin it or have you done it lulu-1



Yes I have pinned the post to the side of the page , look at pinned posts and you will see it and then in a reply to the post if you would you can add your suggestions :-)


Hello again :-)

I am going to do a post asking if you will all reply and add your suggestions on to it and then I shall pin it at the side of the page so they all stay together and then members will be able to see them , I hope you will add yours to the post if you have time :-)

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