Living with Anxiety
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Hey its been ages since ive posted. I recently started full time work after 5 years working part time, its been 4 weeks at new job I was coping ok since past few days I have felt really really tense and socially awkward. I cant focus at work I fell like my eyes are always on other people to see if they are staring at me I cant relax Im doing my work but yet Im not thinking about how Im doing it just paranoia trying to figure out what people are thinking of me....its becoming an obsession and clearly people are noticing it. they call me shy but im not shy I just cant relax around people its so frustrating... anyone else feel exhausted with everyday because of these negitive thoughts and paranoia?

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Its just an anxiety, you must fight for it, always pray for a positive can do it..the cure is only with you. God Bless you......Believe me I've experienced that too before.......


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