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Living with Anxiety
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Vision blur issue

HI it's me... very nervous and unsure what's going on

Went to meditate because I was tired and had a head ache I meditated with a shirt over my face I had a little more weight on my left eye than I did my right I'm very scared because after 15 minutes or so I woke up randomly and my left eye was VERY BLURRY no pain from waking up but as I got very anxious my head started pounding it's been 10 minutes since I woke up last and it hasn't changed.. also if I don't blink my eye adjusts back to normal but as soon as I blink it is blurry again... please I'm terrified and I'm broke I don't wanna goto the ER

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How are you feeling now ?

Are your eyes any better , I hope so but if not even though you are skint as you say I would see a Doctor , maybe family or friends would help you with the expense it will occur if you are still suffering

Take Care x


All was well very late response but my eyes went back to normal I must have sme how cut off blood flow to my left eye not sure but I went to the eye doctor any way and got both eyes examined believe it or not my eyes weren't tested right the first time ( either they healed.. or I have been taking the test wrong) (can't be the eye doctor because Im the one that says if it's blurry or not lol but it wasn't much of a change of eye sight gain any who I'm all good thanks for checking up :)


Hello :-)

Good news :-)

I hope this has helped to give you some peace of mind now , one you can cross of your worry list :-) x


Oh it very well is I have been trying to keep a clean positive mind on everything but it's hard :( stress at work leads to negative thoughts which thoughts lead to matter which matter = reality :/ bummer haha but I try hard to keep clear of negativity but it finds its way inside xD positive vibes goodnight/good morning

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