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Living with Anxiety
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Severe pain

Hey peeps hope you are all doing ok yesterday I had. Bad bout of acid reflux and went to my docs this morning who gave me my lansoprazole well since being back home I've had the worst pain under my right rib like a stitch wen I breath it really hurts I have severe health anxiety through losin my mum to pancreatic cancer 9 years ago so wen I get pains in my side I automatically assume I've got it I'm so fed up of feeling like this I've had this pain before but not this severe I've been sick twice this morning so getting worried I'm dying of a serious illness xx

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Hi Natzsteveo, I am sorry you are having a really rough time. The physical pain you feel is making things worse. BUT, I don't think you have pancreatic cancer. Acid reflux is caused by NOT having enough acid in your stomach. When I am having stomach problems, I make ginger tea. I slowly sip about 1-2 cups and relax. If you could quietly lay back and take slow deep breaths in between drinking the tea, will tremendously help. You will be ok. God bless you.

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Dearest panicnomore99 thanks so much for replying back id love to drink tea but cant seem to drink tea at the min only water im not eating either cuz im so stresssed out i hate feeling like this i seriously do i get it once in a while wen something triggers me xx


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