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Living with Anxiety
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So since last year (In January) I have been experiencing horrible headaches. My very first severe headache was in January 2015. It was right after a panic attack and ever since then I would get headaches back and forth...basically everyday. If I'm lucky OR if I'm not thinking about it and is distracted then I won't be having these headaches.


~Pressure on forehead

~Pressure on top of head (worst one >.<)

~Dizziness (SCARES ME)

~Sometimes a loud BANG! in my head

~Slight throbbing

When I think about my headache, my anxiety starts to stir up and it gets worse!!  Especially when I'm in a classroom and I am trapped! I manage to ask to go to the bathroom and take a walk around the school but then I think to myself "I'm eventually going to have to go back in there." And then I freak, my anxiety shoots from head to toe and my headache increases!

Also if I run or do any physical activity it starts to throb.

I also sometimes get them as soon as I wake up :'(

I think that I have this horrible health issue and it makes me wanna cry. Usually, to escape from my headaches/anxiety I go on Youtube and let the videos on there entertain me. But at school I can't do that :((((

What's weird is that sometimes when I'm not anxious I still have those headaches (not as severe though) and it annoys me so much. 

PLEASE! I JUST WANT TO BE LIKE A NORMAL KID AGAIN :((( Anxiety free, less headaches and just worry free. Of course everyone worries at some point in their lives but mine is excessive. I even took a break from school today because of this (headache) and I don't wanna go back. Just thinking about being trapped in that classroom frightens me.

I could barely do anything with these headaches. PLEASE SOMEONE MESSAGE ME TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!!!

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I was just like you. As soon as I woke up, I immediately start thinking if I was going to have a headache and sure enough it would come on. I figured the more I thought about it the more I would get them. You need to not think about it and yes I know it's hard not to but if you don't it will help you. I would also get sharp shooting pains in my head but as I found out it was due to my anxiety, I stopped stressing them and they don't come as often anymore. I also got a CT scan done to help reassure myself nothing was wrong. Have you got one?


No I haven't :(


It's funny how anxiety works in each of us, but yes it can lead to headaches, your stressed or worried, as soon as you begin to somewhat think or get anxious about the things that bother you your mind is already releasing chemicals that cause you to panic about it.  It's like Mandyroxie said, ya need to try not to think about it or maybe take a motrin.  I get headaches too, mine feel weird too, it's sharp aches and at times a build burning sensation near my temples.  I've had the darn CT scans and of course all normal.  Since reading about anxiety and understanding it a bit better I know what sensations to expect, and I guess it's eased the headaches , or at least I don't seem to get them as much.  But it is funny that our own thoughts or fears can stress our heads to the point of headache.  Find things to keep your mind busy.  For me when I'm in class I keep a headphone in one ear to listen to music or youtube videos of unmasking anxiety by your honor.  


Did that panic attack relate to school or any people there?


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