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Sleeping problems

The thing that triggered my anxiety disorder is that u couldnt sleep well for two nights in a row and i traveled when i got there i became so chaky and my heart rate got very high and i had difficulty with breathing. I went to the doctor but it all came up right it was just fatigue. After that i became so afraid at night that it would happen to me again or even become more severe and i would die from it so in the past 8 months i have difficulty sleeping because im afraid not to sleep please can someone help me with this it s torturing me 😞😞

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I wish i could be of some help as i too struggle with sleeping have u tried any natural remedies that can put u to sleep?


I took some magnésium, tried to cut of caffein after 17h and avoided naps . And in the night i try yo close my eyes pray a bit and think of beautiful scénarios as being with my crush or traveling to beautiful places it helped a lot :))


Thats great i heard magnesium helps alot


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