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Anyone delt with?


So I have been having slow vision change, it started almost 2 years ago in May when I first noticed it. My vision was slightly changing then changed to double vision a year ago in December. I don't understand what's going on... it's not off and on, it's literally 24/7 I look at street lights and they shine like a Starburst and have thousands of lines, same with headlights and anything with lights. Idk what's going on but I'm super scared. I thought it was my anxiety but honestly it's getting so bad that I'm scared something is really wrong. I feel like my vision is going to go. I have been to the eye doctor twice and the er and doctors they don't know what's wrong. I seriously know deep down something is awfully wrong. How do I get them to listen to me? I am losing my vision

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Doesn't the dispersion of light have anything to do with the cylinder or the sphere of your eyes? When I don't wear my glasses, the lights all look starburst.

Aside from that, I do have some weird vision going on, it's like my perception is slightly off and my eyes don't allow me to focus on something for too long. They are also light sensitive and recently my eyelids are starting to get droopy.

You're not alone, it's not fun when the feelings are real yet noone can tell u what it is, sigh.....

I've read most of your posts maybe your haveing Vestibular Migraines it can cause some of those symptoms that you're experiencing. I've been having 24/7 vision changes, eye twitch, hearing of heart beat in ear, dizziness, head pressure in head, neck aches, headaches and one spell of vertigo. Right now I'm seeing a ENT doctor. I'm not diagnosed yet with anything. if everything is clear with him I will be going on to a neurotologist. I dont feel mine is anxiety I do get anxiety from this, but who knows.

yes had same problem was from ssri meds had to get implants in my tear ducts due to severe dry eyes, I am a mess cannot tolerate ssri but super depressed and have debilitating anxiety

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