is this social anxiety or what?

I had a meeting with work today. This is a new job I just started about a month ago. Sitting in the meeting today I started struggling to breathe, was very fidgety and just felt like I needed to get up and head straight for the door. Shortly after I noticed my hands were shaking a lot. I managed to get through it but cant understand why I keep getting these physical symptoms of anxiety out of nowhere. I never used to. Would this be a social anxiety thing? I don't have much experience with social anxiety ( been diagnosed with generalized anxiety) it seems to not be a full blown panic attack as I managed to get through it looking somewhat normal I hope as to not lead people to see something was wrong.. any tips on how to deal with it? we will be having monthly meetings and I'm already worried about the next one.....:(

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    Try breathing techniques

  • Yes that's social anxiety.. I feel the same way you do.. I always meditate before going out just so that I can be out or talk to someone for at least 1 hrs it's so hard sometimes

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