Lack of sleep

I haven't been getting enough sleep. I get maybe 5 or 6 hours and then 7.5 hours one night. I think it has to do with me staying up late then trying to sleep. I have been experiencing all these crazy tboughts. I keep waking up in the morning thinking my boyfriend doesn't like me, when I have no reason to.. Then I'm all worried that something is wrong. Why does sleep mess so much with our head?! Also I've been having a tightness on right side of head.

2 Replies

  • Dont know why Katie but know your not alone I woke up the same today and loads of days it drives me nuts.. think it is possibly a type of anxiety.. good wishes to us both :) XX

  • Envy you 5/6 hours sleep!!! Count myself lucky if I can even get 2 hours at a stretch.....

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