Living with Anxiety
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Need someone's help please

Hi today got.u normal routine standing in daughters yard had this terrible sensation all through me body felt I was going to go down on the ground didn't want.her to so left her early gets home have the same sensation like a weird feeling again sitting in flat on my own have feeling my throat is closing up for days now and drooling on top of other problems consipation for weeks also bleeding on pill for three weeks my docs just not listening pains an all going down.legs losing lots of weight don't eat breakfast. Dinner or tea over this swallowing thing in throat please someone give me there opinion that il be ok I also smoke and terrified of dying with cancer it's not easy to give up and feeling like thisvbut I no they will kill me

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I suffer with this sensation all the time and it is incredibly frightening. I feel like my head is just going to shut down and I am just going to collapse to the ground. I keep trying to tell myself that I have suffered with it many times in the past and nothing has happened so it will be the same this time.

Hope you are feeling better today.



Thanks Lauren for your reply I keep.trying to tell my self it's anxiety as well it terrified. All these symptoms. Choking Throat closing up today I was so sick of depending on.people I got up went to get my money iwas shaking sweat was dripping from me kept walking same thing again went to dunnes to get a few messages taught I'd never get out but still done it choking or not


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