Living with Anxiety


It's been forever since I posted, so I wanted to give an update. I was doing really well on some meds and then they just stopped working. I was having horrible debilitating panic attacks, so I went to my dr. She rx'd a new med, an SSRI. I became so depressed that suicide seemed like my only choice. I was put in a mental health facility. It was the scariest, most degrading experience of my life. I was switched to different meds again and am doing somewhat better. I was just married this weekend and now have insurance to see proper doctors. I will keep everyone updated on how they work and if they're worth a go.

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Really sorry to hear that you have been through such a dreadful time but thank goodness you now have your insurance sorted & as soon as you can or feel you need it go & see a doctor

A big Congratulations on getting married wow :-)

Lovely to read how you are getting on even though there has been a down time it looks like things could be on the up now :-)

Take Care x

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