Living with Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety and work

Hey I am really new to all this, I hope you can help and also bear with me

I've had quite a lot going on atm, a year ago I attended a degree at university and though the pressure I love the fact I'm doing something I love, I work part time in retail also,

I was raped now over a year ago by someone through the same course, and I had my chance to speak but I didn't feel strong, now he has friends all around the college and I'm feeling vulnerable , I've now have prescriptions for anxiety and depression.

The thing that isn't the top of my worry but one that hurts me, is that my current manager pressures me to do work related courses, I dont have a problem with this, but I had a life changing exam on a Monday and the manager worked me 9 hours and an hour and a half meeting, I clealry explained my reasons

But it was not surprising he felt no remorse, after I said about uni work, he clearly stated in his words 'it's not as important as work'

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I am not sure if I have got your post right so I know you will correct me where I have maybe mistaken parts

So you were at Uni but now at college ?

Think that is where I have got muddled & is it now you are working full time in retail but doing a college course along side of it ?

My daughter worked full time & went to college in an evening to get her degree so as to not interfere with her job during the day , it was hard work as after work she would have to study & attend college in an evening once a week but it seemed to work for her

Again I am not sure if that would be something you could do as I got muddled :-/

However it does not sound like a very nice boss you have there , sounds very arrogant & up his backside if you pardon the term but he does & unfortunately there are people like that , would it be an option to look at other jobs , is there anyone above him that you could talk to about how you are feeling ? I really think he is been unacceptable with his approach towards you

About the rape , my heart goes out to you & I understand exactly how you are feeling as well as not having the strength at the time to speak up & it must be soul destroying watching him walk about as if he is Mr Popular after what he did !

I am not sure if you have spoken to anyone about this , family , friends , your Doctor or a counselor but even if you feel you do not want to press chargers you need some counselling as I believe it is something you may never forget even when you don't have to see him about anymore & could have an impact on you later in life so I would urge you to speak to your Doctor & ask for counselling do it for you because you deserve some support & this may also help you to take back control of your life as well as saying " no" to people when they are been unreasonable

It could be that you may be better looking at different avenues to get to where you want to be with your career , we can start on one path but realize later for us that it was not for us but there is always another one & they all can lead to the same place where we want to be :-) x


You really have been so helpful..I don't mean to be puzzling, I'm at college but I'm doing a uni degree so I switch a few words I'm doing a university degree in a college institute lol

I have looked for another job but none that offers me support,

My boyfriend has always said keep with it and see how it goes, but he says if I want to quit, he would support me

But I feel it's a big decision to even take...

My rapist I always see but I feel strong enough to not say anything...but I don't know if I'm being weak...I'm doing really well with my degree, I'm on the verge to do great things (I tell myself) but I really want to be the person I set out to be

And that's to be a teacher

And I'm scared it will haunt me if I pressed charges , the rapist is in a big well known band, if i say anything I'm scared


Tigger- thank you

I've not spoken about this before and your response was so nice to read


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