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Suicidal thoughts

I haven't posted on here for a while but am still not well. I have been stalked for 18 years. I have bad tinnitus. I have no family. I am angry, lonely, keep asking why why why. I am 45 years old but feel I can't go on any more. I am going to see psychologist but they only paper over the cracks. To put an end to this hell would be impossible

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Sounds like everything is getting on top of you at the moment which happens to everyone from time to time & when we feel so low we cannot see anything that has changed or even look to the future all we can see is dark clouds that feel they will never lift but they will eventually

I am not sure why or who is stalking you & why this should be going on so long , you should be getting some support with this or the Police should be assisting you with this as it is not acceptable & would make anyone feel low , does your psychologist , GP etc know this is happening , I wonder why you are not getting more support as you should be

Try not to think to far ahead & asking yourself why as this just helps to keep us feeling there will not be a way out , what is in the past we cannot change if only we could but we can work towards trying to change the future with just taking little steps & in any one day looking for the small signs of Positive things that may have happened in that day giving us hope that good things do happen we sometimes miss them as we are feeling so low

I would suggest you be totally honest with everyone just how bad you are feeling & even tell them how you feel that you feel the treatment you are getting is just papering over the cracks , we have a right to say how our treatment is helping or maybe not helping as in your case in a polite manner of course & if they don't listen the first time I would tell them at every appointment till they do

If you feel you need someone to talk to as a human voice can go a long way when we feel so low on the other end of the phone remember the Samaritans are there 24/7 just a call away on 08457 90 90 90 don't hesitate to phone them if you feel you need someone to speak to

Take Care x

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Hi Daviski

Don't despair. Every problem has a solution and you just haven't found the right one yet. Nothing I can say will be a magic solution for you but I had to reply just to let you see that people understand and care for you and your problems. My wife has had problems in her life with depression and anxiety. She has come through it all quite strongly. It is easy to say but try to think that there is light at the end of the tunnel because there really is. Exercise is a tremendous help even though you will probably see this as the last thing you need.

Try a website called "Headspace". It uses relaxation and meditation techniques and is very powerful. Try it and stick with it if you can.

Good luck and be as positive as you can be. I promise you it will get better.


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I am the same age as you and also had a creepy stalker and I also have no family. I did involve the police and they helped me. They went to see him and had a discussion on what would happen if he continued to stalk me. And then I legally changed my name- I mean new birthcerticate and everything - and moved to a city I knew no one. Four years later my life is so different and so much better. I still have depression and anxiety but I feel safe and better than before. Please tell someone you need help. And if one doctor won't listen keep on trying until one does. I am very sorry you are feeling this bad. I have honestly been there myself. i hope you feel better soon.💐


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