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Feeling like I can't breathe

For the past few months (started in January after a long lasting panic attack) I would get these chest pains and the feeling like I can't breathe. I am feeling this right now while I am typing this. I feel like there is something in my chest and while I would have this breathless my stomach would grumble, feel bubbly and there would be this big gas ball in my stomach. The more I think about it the more it gets worse. Sometimes this would happen at night and I would get extremly scared thinking that my heart was going to stop or something. I dont feel dizzy (only when I have my headaches). I keep on thinking that there is something wrong with my heart...but in the back of my mind I know that this is all anxiety and me worrying (I was always a nervous person). Is this anxiety or what?

-I am in highschool by the way.

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Hi I have felt the shortness of breath and yes it sounds like anxiety , u should see a doctor to make sure . Try relaxing and practice breathing techniques to help you relax it helps ...



Oh bless you, our mind can play such awful tricks on us and persuade the body to go along with the 'games'. It does sound like anxiety, but I I agree with NotAlone8 you should get checked with your Dr to ensure all is ok.

When this happens to you try focusing on your breathing to get yourself back to normal state - there are some good apps for this or short clips on youtube - when you are feeling ok find something that appeals to you, not all voices or methods work for everyone. The idea is to give yourself something else to focus on/some kind of distraction.

In the past I have found writing helps - I have one book I write in - or draw - cut out pictures from magazines. Sometimes just reading through what I have written in the past is enough as I don't have the concentration at that time.

Just be gentle with yourself and know that it will pass, just need to be kind to yourself (find out what makes you feel good, write those things down and do them for you. You deserve time for YOU as you are special and unique just like each individual star you see at night.

Good luck - you'll get better (just may not happen overnight!).

Be happy PeaT :) xx

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