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I don't usually write on here a lot , but I thought I'd try to more often. About 3 days ago I had the worst panic attack I've had in over a year ! My hands cramped up and I couldn't move them ! It was terrible. I was shaking uncontrollably. I had to leave my biology lab. And my dad and fiancé took me to the hospital. I eventually calmed down after about a 2 1/2 hour episode ! So needless to say I was EXHAUSTED the next day. So sense then I've been resting and trying to not let my fears take control of me. Today has been a better day so I am greatful to God for that ! I don't know if anyone else experiences this. . But when you are just short of breath ? You don't really have anxiety but you just feel short of breath maybe it is anxiety ? Other than that today I have really been focusing on trying to relax. . ik just trying my hardest to not think or overthink school on Tuesday. I guess I'm scared it'll happen again ? I hope to god it doesn't . But is there anyone else that struggles with the fear of being alone and having a panic attack like in a crowded place ? Does anyone have any advice ? On how to cope ???? I love school and I WILL not let anxiety keep me from going. But I would like some advice ! Thanks in advance !

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Hello Jean, I think many of us have the fear of either having a panic attack while we are alone but also while in public. I think one way or another the main fear is just having another panic attack. It's so hard not to over think things, but the best things to do is take each moment as it comes and be in the here and now. If you begin to feel that anxiousness, try to remind yourself that you know what is going on and that you will over come it. That was the advise my doctor gave me. I too fear having another episode, but he walked me through a scenario and asked me what I would do, once I realized I know what to do if I have another panic attack it made me feel a little more comfortable (not that I ever want another episode). So my advise is the same... now that you are getting through this last panic attack, remind yourself in the future that "this too shall pass" the feeling will pass. I know easier said than done, but keep telling yourself that. Also if you are ever feeling anxious, try and go for a walk or get fresh air. It's always helped me to remove myself from the situation and get a little clarity.


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