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Living with Anxiety
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Feeling blue

The day after Christmas my dad was admitted into the hospital. At first it didn't seem like it affected me. Up til then I wasn't having anxiety or depression. But a couple of days after he'd still been in the hospital I started to get anxiety. And now I have the panic attacks under control but what I cannot stand is I'm always feeling not myself. Like my head is in a fog. I'm not so much dizzy. But it feels like when you've been running on a treadmill or and eliptical and you get off you feel like your walking weird. No clue if that makes sense to anyone. But I constantly feel like this. I start spring semester on Monday the 12th. I'm just really nervous about going and getting up that day and not feeling like I can do it. :( I guess what im saying is does anyone else feel like that ? Like dizzy and headaches. I see my GP the day after school starts ! :/ hopefully I can make it through the first day. TUESDAY I've decided to get back onto meds. Which I've been fighting so long. Talking to my therapist it seems like right now is a good time to do so. I just have a fear of becoming like my mom. My whole life she took anxiety and depression meds. She relies on them. Well anyway I just needed to vent.

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Hello Jean

Sorry to hear you Dad took ill I hope he is a lot better now

Sometimes events in our life can trigger anxiety & everything you describe I have felt & when certain things occur in life I still get those feelings coming back but they do pass with time

It can be best to learn to accept them & see them as anxiety which will not harm you but is unpleasant at the time

Is you Mum copying with life ok on the medication ? if she relies on it & it helps her then there is no harm been done & just because your Mum has needed them for years & still does doesn't mean that will be the same for you as you are an individual & just like with anxiety we can all relate to how it feels but the paths we take to deal with it can all vary & maybe you need the meds temporary while you get through this bad patch & for many with anxiety this has been something that has really helped them & then they have been able to come of them again & some do stay on them but as long as it helps you to live a normal life that really is all that matters

I am sure you will get through your first day & when you see your Doctor the following day don't hold back & tell them just how you feel & with support I am sure things will slowly start to improve x


Thank you ! My first day was amazing no anxiety. But then yeserday during my biology lab I had the worst anxiety attack ever. My body cramped up. It was horrible the doctor at the hospital have me more Ativan and told me to keep or acting breathing exercises. Anxiety is such a horrible thing. But it always reminds me of how strong I truly am. Thank you for your words of encouragement. :) I hope your doing good today !


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