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I am a 36 mummy I have been hospilitized since August 2013 I suffer panic attacks 10 times a day and constant anxiety all day I am so beside myself no one in the hospital understands panic attacks I am on propananol 120 mg and paroxetine 40mg but the doctor says medication will not calm my worries. I just feel so desperately alone and no one understands here I am with many self harmers and even they don't get it I just want to get back to my daughter I am desperate.

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Hello gemma welcome to the site :-)

You really are gong through it & I am sorry you have been suffering so long & been in the hospital so long also , you must be so much stronger than you think dealing with your anxiety even though I know you won't feel it

I think people that self harm maybe suffering with something slightly different & that is the reason they don't quite understand how you are feeling but keep talking on here & the other anxiety communities because you will find members do know exactly how anxiety feels & will relate to you

As well as the medication are they giving you any kind of talking therapy etc I do hope so

Stay strong you will slowly start to recover & try maybe in one day any little positives you achieve , if it be you have one panic attack less or you feel you deal with a panic attack better than the last one write it down because all the little tiny positives soon start building up but sometimes because our brains are going at a 100 miles an hour we can miss this

Panic attacks are really awful when we have them but one thing we have to try & focus on is that they won't harm us & if we can try & face them , let them come & then pass again that slowly takes away the fear we feel & the panic attacks do start to get less

I hope you have family around you & friends supporting you & keep focused on that goal of getting back to your little girl & you will get there , be kind to yourself in the meantime x


I really know how you feel I started getting panic attacks 3 years ago after going through a lot of stuff that just happens in life ,I still am affected to this day ,a book I discovered I feel saved me and would never be without it ,its called ,,,at last a life by a chap called paul david ,please read it ,and all the best you will learn to live with this xx


Nice to meet you Gemma. I suffer the same. On zoloft 50 mg and xanax 2mg. You are not alone. Try getting an app called calm. It's very helpful. Also I have a book called At Last A Life by Paul David. It's extremely helpful. I'm here for you anytime. Peace. Brian


Hi Gemma, welcome to the site. Panic attacks are awful and the after effects are just as bad. Here are a few things that have helped me:

- exercise (long walks or running)

- talking to someone about my worries (I did individual and group therapy that was helpful)

- meditation (try

- yoga (this doubled both as exercise and meditation)

I hope you are able to find peace soon. I can't say one thing alone helped but I recomend trying new things and remember don't just do it once, it takes time so be patient with yourself and the new activity.


Hi Gemma

Don't lose hope this can be resolved. Six months ago I couldn't leave the house or drive a car without having some anxiety or panic attack. The medication will just add to your problems. There are two things I found really helpful and STOPPED my panic attacks. The first was and the second was a book and program called Believe me when I say that YOU can change this situation, You have control of your thoughts and can choose to think of anything. I used to think that motorways gave me panic attacks until I realised that a motorway can't make me do anything.

Look into these things - they worked for me ( I don't sell them and have no connection with the authors)

Good Luck


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