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Just a question for everyone!

Hi, my name is Sami and I have an anxiety disorder. I was wondering if you anxiety and stress cause you to have migraines? I mean the migraines that occurs everyday whether if it's a light headache to a heavy massive migraine.

My doctor claims that where my migraines come from. I was wondering how do you guys handle or cure your headache/migraines?

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Hi Sam yes I get headaches when I get stressed or anxious. They used to be

Much worse but have improved.

I suppose the thing you have to aim for is to try and deal with the anxiety, Mindfullness Helped me as I am able to switch the Monkey mind off. Taking a walk helps

Me as does a hot bath or shower or a massage on neck and shoulders. ( not that

I have gotten one in the last 9 months)

Yoga too and just generally stretching my body even if it's only for 10

Mins .

These are some things that helped my Anxiety and helped to lessen the headaches.

Hannah x


Hi Sami. Hannah pretty much said it. Try and relax yourself and manage the stress and hopefully both the anxiety and head aches will begin to lessen.


Please read this post from WebMd:

" I have been struggling with chonic migraines for 20 years. Since hitting menopause migraines & headaches were an almost daily occurence along with constant fatigue, brain fog and almost zero motivation. Many supplements have helped but only in a limited way for a short time. I've been taking 50mg of Iodoral daily with L-selenomethionine, zinc, Vitamin E (natural Natural Mixed Tocopherols), Vitamin C and occassional vitamin D for nearly 2 months and I have energy, brain fog has gone and best of all no migraines & no headaches since the day I started the Iodoral - I can't believe the feeling of wellbeing it's given me. My constipation has gone as well"

I think iodine is the key. Why not try her "recipe" yourself? Good luck :-)


Hi and yes they can. Diet can contribute to watch what food and drinks you have. Plenty of purified water is good for you, to flush any unwanted toxins, out of your system. A positive mind and attitude goes a long way too. Take care and good luck!...:) x


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